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Rediscover the joy of togetherness in our mountaintop lodge. Purpose-designed for family and friends to gather with the backdrop of Mother Nature’s greatest views. Awake to the glory of the sun peaking over the mountains rivaled only by the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting from your gourmet kitchen. 

Fuel up for adventure because that’s just what awaits. Here at Hurricane Ridge, we invite all our guests to choose their own adventure. From tackling the best 4WD/ATV/OHV off road trails in the country from our drive-in-drive-out location to hiking some of the most impressive routes in the southern Appalachians. And to be fair, if your idea of adventure looks more like escaping into a good book with a cocktail in hand, we have the perfect hammock spot for just that. 

As the sun goes down, that’s when some of the very best magic begins. Grill out, gather around the campfire, and prepare to recount the journeys of the day. And just when those precious moments are becoming memories, gaze up towards the some of the best dark-sky star gazing remaining. Welcome to Hurricane Ridge where yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all our favorites! 

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