Health Care

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Big South Fork Medical Center is a 25-bed critical access hospital, offering skilled care from affiliated physicians and registered nurses. The Hospital has an impressive list of services, including 24-hour emergency room physician coverage with PALS, ACLS, Cardiac, and OB trained nurses, modern radiology equipment, general surgery, same day surgery 24-hour laboratory service, physical therapy, respiratory therapy,

Medical emergencies are handled through 911. All emergency ambulances are staffed with licensed paramedics and or EMTs. Life support helicopter service is provided by The University of Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mountain People’s Health Councils, Inc.

Mountain People’s Health Council was organized in 1974 to offers affordable health care for the residents of Scott, Morgan and Campbell Counties. Rural Health Clinics were established in each of the three counties. Thirty-one years later, MPHC continues to operate Rural Health Clinics in Scott County. The MPHC clinic providers make available medical care to all residents of Scott and surrounding counties whether their medical care is covered by Medicare, TennCare, private insurance or no insurance. The Mountain Peoples Health Council Home Care program, with the help of the UTTN, has administered a disease management program for diabetes and congestive heart failure. Over the past three years, participants have taken their self-monitoring seriously enough to send thousands of blood sugar and EKG readings to clinic nurses This reflects a tremendous buy-in for patients and shows that these patients are willing to take responsibility for their chronic disease management. Nearly two years of monitoring in the diabetes program shows that the number of telehealth program participants who brought their HbA1C levels from unacceptably high levels (>8%) to under 7% doubled. Additionally, 81% of telehealth participants had a follow-up HbA1C test compared to 63% of non-participants. For additional information visit MPHC web site:

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) are appointed by a juvenile judge and are trained to research a child’s life in order to make recommendations to the court relating to securing a permanent, safe home for the child.

Scott Appalachian Industries (SAI) cares about individuals special needs. They employ scores of trained care professionals who serve individuals with challenging, long-term health concerns, and they have many other services to offer. If SAI does not provide a service, they will refer you to who may. Visit them or contact them by mail at 591 E. Monticello Pike, Huntsville, Tennessee 37756. You may also call them at (423) 663-9300, extension 0 with any questions. Some of the services include: disability services, home services, housing services, personal assistance/independent living assistance, job development and placement, day habilitation and care, therapy, nursing, supported living/assisted living, homeless assistance, special transportation and disability referral service.

Appalachian Life Quality Initiative sponsors the Scott County Dental clinic, a clinic primarily for children on TennCare and uninsured patients. Costs for uninsured children are based on a sliding fee scale. The Scott County Dental Clinic is located in the Scott County Health Services Building, located next to the Scott County Courthouse in Huntsville. New patients are now being accepted. The clinic is open Monday through Friday. For more information or to make an appointment, call today (423) 663-8200.

Telemedicine equipment and service providers are invited to participate in the Telemedicine Technology Center, an area designated for hands-on learning and demonstrations. This is not an exhibit area and there is no exhibit fee. The objective is to give the industry users and providers an opportunity to work together to understand more about telemedicine technology and its applications, to get hands-on experience with a diverse range of telemedicine products and services and to learn where we can go with it in the future.

Participating companies will provide hands-on demonstrations as attendees go from station-to-station to get first hand experience in operating telemedicine technologies used in a variety of clinical applications.

While product and service providers participate fully in the entire conference, special times are set aside for them to demonstrate how their particular technology works.

Products and Services will be organized by application area:
• Home Telehealth & Remote Monitoring
• Specialized Clinical Technology: Teleradiology, Teledermatology, Ocular, Telepathology, etc.
• Network/System Integration Services
• Video Conferencing
• Software/Electronic Patient Record/Web Based Solutions

One of UTTN’s principal projects is the Scott County Telemedicine Project, funded by the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (2000-2003), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration. This program has made Scott County, TN, one of the most “networked” counties in the state for health care.

TENNDERCARE: The TENNderCare program wants children, teens, and young adults under 21 to be healthy. TENNderCare is a full program of checkups and health care services for children who have TennCare. These services make sure babies, children, teens and young adults receive the health care they need. Good health begins at birth, so it’s important to Check In, Check Up and Check Back with your doctor.

To make an appointment, contact your child’s doctor or health department. For transportation or other information, call the Family Assistance Service Center at:
1-866-311-4287. En Espanol: 1-866-311-4290.