Even though eras have come and gone and cause many changes to Scott County, our spiritual roots remain strong and run deep. Church is still an important part of our culture. Currently, there are many churches: Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, Nondenominational, Presbyterian and Pentecostal churches in Scott County. A brief and picturesque drive will lead to welcoming and caring fellowship in whatever denomination you choose. For a complete list of churches with contact information, please contact us.


Higher Life Assembly of God


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St. Jude, Helenwood (423) 569-9584


Huntsville Praise & Worship Center (423) 663-2731

Oak Street Church of God

Word of God Ministries, Oneida (423) 569-2651

Helenwood Full Gospel, Helenwood

Oneida Church of God, Oneida (423) 569-9374

Little Creek Church of God, Huntsville

Trinity Church of God


West Robbins Church of God of Prophecy


Barton Chapel, Robbins (423) 627-2225

Glenmary Congregational United Church of Christ, Robbins


Oneida Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (423) 569-6222


First United Methodist, Oneida (423) 569-8828

Rugby Road United Methodist, Robbins


Anointed Church of Living God, Helenwood (423) 569-3201

Mighty Warrior Ministries, Inc., Huntsville

Community Chapel

New Life Tabernacle

Freedom Christian Center Full Gospel

Robbins Community Center

Macedonia Christian Center, Oneida (423) 569-1850

River of Life Ministries
Little Charity Ministries, Oneida (423) 569-9428


Abundant Life United Penecostal, Oneida (423) 569-2626

Oneida Pentecostal


First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville (423) 663-3456


Amazing Grace Missionary Baptist

Mount Pleasant Baptist, Helenwood (423) 627-4499

Annadell United Baptist, Huntsville

Mountain View Baptist, Robbins (423) 627-2930

Antioch Baptist, Norma

New Canen United Baptist

Bethalonia United Baptist

New Charity Separate Baptist

Bethlehem Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-4518

New Haven Missionary Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-8081

Big Ridge Road Missionary Baptist, Oneida

New Hope Baptist

Black Creek Baptist, Robbins

New Light United Baptist

Black Creek Crossroads Baptist, Robbins

Niggs Creek Baptist, Oneida

Black Oak Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-8701

New River Missionary Baptist, Helenwood (423) 627-2302

Blessed Hope Baptist

New Salem Baptist

Buffalo Baptist Church of Winona

Norma Missionary Baptist (423) 663-9344

Buffalo Bridge Missionary Baptist

Leatherwood Baptist, Oneida

Bull Creek United Baptist

Paint Rock Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-8120

Byrges Creek Baptist

Pentecost Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-4505

Calvary Baptist

Pine Creek United Baptist, Oneida

Capital Hill Missionary Baptist

Pine Grove Missionary Baptist, Winfield

Clay Hill Baptist

Pine Hill Baptist, Oneida

Concord Separate Baptist, Robbins

Pleasant Grove United Baptist, Winfield

East Robbins Missionary Baptist

Pleasant Home Separate Baptist

Elizabeth River View Missionary Baptist

Emmanuel Baptist

Road to Heaven Baptist

Fairview Missionary Baptist (423) 663-9696

First Baptist of Robbins (423) 627-2923

First Baptist of Huntsville (423) 663-2320

First Baptist of Oneida (423) 569-4744

Rock House Baptist

Royal Blue United Baptist

Five Black Gum United Baptist

Rugby Road United Baptist, Robbins

Glenmary Baptist, Robbins

Salem United Baptist

Grave Hill United Baptist, Oneida

Second Bethlehem Baptist

Gum Fork Community Baptist, Winfield

Slick Rock Missionary Baptist, Robbins

Hazel Valley Baptist, Oneida

Smokey Creek Baptist, Norma (423) 663-4231

Helenwood Baptist (423) 569-4515

Stanfield United Baptist

High Point Baptist, Oneida

Straight Fork Baptist

Highway Baptist, Robbins

Sugar Grove Baptist

Trinity Baptist, Huntsville (423) 627-1611

Isham United Baptist, Winfield

Tunnel Hill Baptist, Helenwood

Jakes Branch United Baptist

Upper Jellico Creek Baptist, Winfield

Landmark Baptist, Oneida (423) 569-5719

Vine United Baptist

Liberty Baptist

West Oneida United Baptist

Lone Mountain Baptist, Robbins

West Robbins Missionary Baptist

Low Gap Missionary Baptist

White Pine Baptist, Oneida

Morning Star Baptist, Fairview

Williams Creek Baptist, Oneida

Mount Zion Baptist

Winfield Missionary Baptist (423) 569-5519