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Join Us – Scott County, TN Chamber of Commerce

Join Us

In recent years, the Scott County Chamber of Commerce began a strategic look of the Chamber of Commerce. Feeling that they could better serve the community, the Chamber has spent most of the year to review where they were as a Chamber. Such questions as of; who are we, what do we do, & what benefits are there for our members to join? It has been a hard look at the core of the Chamber of Commerce. In response to the outcome, the Chamber has begun to identify where it is indeed they want to focus their efforts and works.

The Chamber of Commerce is made up of 28 directors from across the county to help to serve and network this community. They are a group of strong and skilled individuals who bring the best interest of the community to the table and try to encase benefits that will better and profit the community. Listed below are a few things we offer.

• Business Counseling ( Offering sessions on topics designed for the needs of your company)

• Data Research (to better enable the Industrial Development Board and County Government for not only Industrial but retail, small business, and simple relocation.)

• Re-vamping of the Chamber website ( Ben Garrett will reface our Chamber website and update our tourism website, discoverscott.com)

• New brochures and distribution (New brochures are currently being designed by local talent. This will enable your business to see more growth as more individuals become aware of our community.)

• Tourism Board (we have volunteers who have begun forging a process of identifying our greatest resources and how to sell them to the community. The ideas and works already are in the beginning stages and are truly exciting.)

• New county map (this year alone we have handed out over 200 maps just within the office of our county. Whether this be a tourist, a stationed worker, or someone interested in relocating to our area, the face of our map needs to be fresh and clean.)

• Recognition (This year the Chamber of Commerce will begin a process to recognize your business. We are looking forward to beginning to feature our own ads in the paper about your business. Focusing on, what are the uniqueness and qualities of shopping or supporting your company?

• Shop Local ( We are changing the face of how the Shop Local is handled. It will get a complete face-lift. I am very excited about the potential each of our members will have to promote their own business through this program.

• Christmas Parade

• Pumpkin Contest

• Facebook

• Tourist Mailings

• TN Scholars

• Monthly Director Meetings

• Mailings

That is the direction your newly focused Chamber of Commerce is heading. We are truly excited about this new focus. It will be a long journey, but we feel we have chosen some of the best skilled minds to lead the charge. The Directors booklet has been attached so you may see who it is that is representing your business. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to one of your Directors or simply call me at 423-663-6900. We are here to serve you. WE ARE A TEAM!

We hope you continue to support your local community and once again partner with the 
Scott County Chamber of Commerce for 2019.

Stacey Swann, executive director

Read more about who we are  |  » Download membership form

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