Scott County, TN Chamber of Commerce | Senator Ken Yager
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Senator Ken Yager

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I don’t know the first time I ever met him, yet I know that I cannot remember a time in my career at the Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Development Board that Senator Ken Yager hasn’t been there for us. There has never been a question, a concern, or a need that I ever felt uncomfortable posing to him on behalf of the businesses or citizens of Scott County. In fact, I believe most businesses or individuals feel comfortable enough to reach out to Senator Yager for their selves.
I think it takes a special kind of man/woman who wants to be a Senator over seven (7) counties. I can’t imagine the responsibility one takes upon themselves and their family to be the advocate and voice to so many that desire and deserve to be heard. When you think of all that is placed on the shoulders of an elected state senator, it has to be an individual of great vision and character to endure. It must be an individual who will truly listen and hear the needs of the communities he/she represents, and then walk boldly into a mass of others all pleading for causes of their people, and find a way to be heard. That takes a unique person indeed.
When you think of the plights of rural counties, the issues that come from the corners of out of the way communities, the very communities Senator Yager represents, you find it takes a leader of great strength with a voice that refuses to shake, standing against those pleading causes in their urban areas. Most rural counties feel that their stories are marred with the heroic songs of the cities that thrive with the bounties all of the technology, roads, and infrastructure for success, but who better than a former rural attorney and county executive to stand fierce in the ring of those urban critics and wave the banner of equal justice for us, the rural Tennessee? Senator Ken Yager, just fell in love, much like we love our dear Scott County, for the people of rural Tennessee and with that love, he stands firm, fighting for the rights of the communities that call him leader. Whether it is roads, healthcare, incentives for industry and tourism, Senator Ken Yager is standing in Nashville with the banners of Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Rhea, Roane, and our beloved Scott County waving them boldly, demanding that our needs be addressed by the whole of Tennessee, and in return challenging us to take advantage and benefit, grow and prosper from the bounty.
It’s not just a job to Senator Yager, fighting for Scott County. You see him on Facebook and Twitter keeping up with the people who he represents. He is the whisper in the ear of the Governor to notify him of our tragedies, and he is the publisher of our victories to the entire state, proud like a Papa saying, look what they have done. He attends many of our funerals, mourning the loss of our loved ones. Wears school colors with pride at our games, cheering our heroes and speaks at banquets honoring those who serve or give to our community. He is a true friend that makes a weekly call to the newspaper, asking what the people of Scott County need and how he can serve them better. He is a leader that stands at the very core of our government in the capital of our great state and goes nose to nose for us, never flinching and walking away with a compromise that we all can gain hope from.
I often wonder if he ever receives a call from us to say thank you. I know we feel so close to him, like we matter so much that we do not hesitate to call when there is a problem or concern, but as a community have we ever took the time to just stay thank you for not backing down? For being a man of character or simply a man whose voice refuses to shake? This really isn’t about the politics in many ways, this party or that, this is more about a common man who ran a race, became elected and became an extraordinary individual who gives so freely of his life to simply serve the people he loves. Thank you Senator Ken Yager, for looking past party lines and speaking for the rural counties of TN. We truly appreciate you and your willingness to serve, what we believe to be the best county in the whole state…Scott.

AUTHOR - Stacey Kidd